Week Two

Here ends the second week of the community bonding period. As per our meeting last Tuesday(IST) i was given a few tasks to complete. Before getting into the gory details of the said tasks, lets talk about the meeting first:

The First Meeting

The meeting was scheduled at 10:30AM IST on Tuesday, the meeting started with every one introducing themselves. One of the mentors couldn’t join because of some miscommunication. After the introduction I briefed everybody on the work that I did in the first week that mainly consisted of:

There was then the discussion on my ideas and a brief on how I intended to implement them, the discussion was short as I needed to brush up on all the things I had included in my proposal.

The mentors asked me to make sure that:

An important point mentioned by the mentors was to focus on the main aim of the project and not get deviated. As GSoC is a time bound activity thus things need to be prioritized.

The time for the next meeting was not decided, but a concensus was made regarding the upcoming meetings after next monday(there are some issues with time, which will be fixed shortly).

Work This week

We decided on the following way in which I was going to collaborate in a meaningful manner:

The things i did this week are as follows:

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