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Tribal India : Dantewada [Initial Draft]

Anand Anand Follow Mar 10, 2020 · 1 min read
Tribal India : Dantewada [Initial Draft]
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Dantewada is located in the southern part of Chhattisgarh. For a person like me, who has lived a major part of his teenage and adult life in urban areas, it felt as if I was taken back a few years. Though the place is connected well with telecom service with 4G capabilities. Still, the amenities were limited.

Our mission to bring modern technology to places in need brought us to Dantewada. A few months earlier we had successfully procured an approval from the state government of Chhattisgarh to perform clinical trials in 2 rural areas namely: Kuakonda and Katekalyan. In this blog, we will not go into the technicalities. Instead, we will look at Dantewada from a touristic and philosophical perspective.

It was a clear saturday morning, the sun hadn’t come out yet. We (My project partner and me) were going on another trip. This time it was Dantewada. It took us close to 7 hours to reach Dantewada. The administration there had booked us rooms in the guesthouse.

Guest House.

During our stay in the guest house, we came to know that the place was often used by politicians to halt when they visited Dantewada. The room allotted to us was very spacious. It was in fact like a suite: A drawing room, a bedroom, a changing room, a bathroom and a collom terrace. Though I have to say it was difficult to find water there and food was not served in the guesthouse. In the image above the windows on the left side was of the room we were allotted.

The first floor was still under construction and it seemed as if only our room was the only functional unit in that floor, the rest of the floor was deserted, this might have been the reason why there was frequent outage of water supply to the washroom and I had to ask the manager to check it out a number of times.


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