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Jan Swasthya Sahyog | Ganiyari [Draft]

Anand Anand Follow Oct 13, 2019 · 7 mins read
Jan Swasthya Sahyog | Ganiyari [Draft]
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As the world moves towards the industry revolution 4.0. The continuous development in technology and understanding of the human body has helped increase the life expectancy of the people by a lot in the last century. A large part of India still resides in the Countryside connected to the mordern India by Kaccha and at times unfinished roads.

Still today a significant part of Chattisgarh resides in its villages and forests (tribes) which are not easily accessible. Owning to which proper medical facilities are not available. Based on what we heard most of the Govenment Primary Health centres are inadequate to provide necessary facilities and are thus to some extent not of much use.

One of the major reason for such a situation was that nobody wants to work in rural India even with a bumped up pay. And that is a matter of great concern.

Medical facilities in rural India is substantially poor and at times people have to suffer because of diseases that are easily curable: due to lack of access to primary healthcare facilities.


Never the less some people have taken the matter in their hands and we see a speck of light in these rather dark times : Jan Swasthya Sahyog: People’s Health Support Group is located in Ganiyari.

Ganiyari is a village in the Bilaspur District of Chhattisgarh. Our (as part of my Project) pursuit to making medical diagnosis availabale to all and democratising the right to know about your own body’s condition took us to the streets of Ganiyari, to explore something incredible in Credible Chhattisgarh



Started by a bunch of talented and socially aware individuals from the best Medical Institutes of the country. It is a place that provides quality healthcare facilities at an affordable price to rural Bilaspur. We came into contact with a doctor who is a full time practitioner there as part of our project through the TATA trust. We reached out to them to showcase our work, take feedback and find synergies in how we could help them in their pursuit to give back to the community in need.

The Place

It was about a 3 hour Journey from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. We started our trip at around 8:30AM in the morning (I picked my Friend Priyanjit up from his Apartment, so the trip really started at 9:00AM ;D), it was a long trip through the countyside of Chhattisgarh. I hadn’t slept properly the previous night. (In fact was watching a TV series the previous night (The Boys on Amazon Prime ) after finishing up work.) So I slept through parts of the road trip.

The part of the road trip I was awake was pretty good: good road and all, but as I was told by my friend the later part of the trip involved underconstruction roads through which I had slept blissfully through a fairly rough terrain. I eventually expereinced it while we were returning to Raipur in the evening. It’s a positive sign that Good Roads are being built in Chattisgarh to connect its cities to the countryside.

It was around 12:00PM when we reached the place, the place [Jan Swasthya Sahyog] was fairly easy to find using Maps and surprisingly the telecom reception was very good. I woke up when we approached the gate of the facility, it looked like a rather interesting villa-cum-hotel-cum-community centre. At that moment I knew that I was going to experience something truly amazing today.

Jan Swasthya Sahyog


You know the feeling when you look at something and think you are going to be blown away by it’s awesomeness- JSS is one such place: Quality medical services at a cheap rate.

Let’s break down the experience into parts:

  • How it looked and felt?

When I entered the place, i was a bit overwhelmed: it was a hopital that wasn’t giving me vibes of a hospital. People were moving around a lot, it was all busy. Once we entered the premise we had to wait for sometime to meet the doctor who had invited us.


He was really interesting, he came to us from the building that you can see above in a completely green attire. I had done a bit background search on the doctor and belive me, he was pretty well educated that too from the USA and was working here cause he wanted to make a difference.

In our conversation at a later stage he told us that he had initially worked in JSS on and off for 5 years and then completely shifted here 8 years ago. The amount of respect the people around him were giving him was touching and at the same time empowering to me.

You see, the place is for people from the village. So, a prominent thing was that there was very less writing on the notices that were put up there like the one shown below, every thing is made pictorially understandable so even a person without much formal education can navigate through the premises and understands the important instructions. Image Image Image

The place is custom built for the people it serves, with less number of doctors and a huge number of patients it is very challenging for JSS to manage the work load.

Due to this extensive work load, emergency cases are dealt at immediately while other people who do not need urgent attention have to wait for their turn after they are registered with JSS. Image

Many time a person may have to wait for a day or two to be examined by a doctor. The doctor we went to meet told us that they gave a huge emphasis on quality and thorough checkup which might take more time per individual but was very effective. You may wonder how will a person wait here for such long periods in a line? Well the answer is rather simple and intutive they just kept a piece of what they carried as a representation of themselves to save a spot in the line as shown below:


JSS is well equipped with sanitory facilities in case the nature calls you while you are waiting. JSS strives to tick all the boxes to provide facilities that the people in Ganiyari should have access to. Image Image Image

These are just a few things I experienced on spending a day in this amazing place. But it does give me anhope that people in their own capacities can make a significant difference in the community if they wish to do so.

It’s time to let go!

The work related coversation were done and we did understand the challenges faced by the people there to a huge extent. The doctors and lab technicians were impressed with our work but we believe that there is a lot that can be done.


I salute these bright individuals who work in these areas without expecting much in return. They selflessly serve the ones neglected and deprived of the medical facilities.

Though it’s time to leave JSS , but I will be back with more soon.


[Interestingly, the women 3rd from the left in the picture above was from Brazil doing her internship in JSS]

The author’s personal note:

A large number of people in the world have to suffer from a number of diseases that are very much curable if proper health facilities are made available to them. Ganiyari is a lucky village to have JSS but there are many place which are not fortunate enough. As individuals who are comparatively well off and educated should do their bit to make a difference. I do it by doing what I am passionate about: Building Technology. I urge you to do atlest something very small to make a difference because every effort counts.

If you stumbled upon here and were kind enough to read my blog. Do share your feedback by clicking here, would love to here from you!

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